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#BeInconvenient Followers Should #BeInquisitive on Climate Change and Renewables; June 22, 2018

In response to the sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth” and its social media movement #BeInconvenient, Friends of Science Society is suggesting that people should #BeInquisitive and #LookB4ULeap; examine the evidence over the ideology on climate change. As the Trump administration addresses climate change issues from an America First perspective, James Delingpole writes in Breitbart some trending insights from Belgian philosopher Drieu Godefridi, author of “The IPCC: A Scientific Body?

Friends of Science Questions Calls for National Energy Board Reforms Focused on Climate Change; June 8, 2017

Friends of Science Society says that calls for reform of the National Energy Board should be put on hold. A group of 50 environmentalists and activists wrote a letter to the Prime Minister demanding reform; a detailed analysis of the proposed NEB reforms is posted on Friends of Science blog and rejects the reform proposals.

French President’s Quip on Planet; FoS says Climate Change Policies Make Our Planet Sick; June 6, 2017

Friends of Science Society is denouncing French President’s quip “Make Our Planet Great Again” as oblivious to the damage and disruption driven by climate change policies that “Make Our Planet Sick.” These include the bump in world-wide food prices due to food-to-fuel policies – a driver of the refugee crisis, the increase in air pollution in Paris due to incentives on diesel over gasoline, vast environmental destruction and degradation in developing nations where mining of rare earth minerals for wind turbine magnets and solar panel production takes place, and heat-or-eat poverty in Western European countries due to steep rise in power prices and green crony capitalism.

NASA’s 97% Consensus Claims on Climate Change should be Updated; June 1, 2017

Friends of Science Society says as US contemplates leaving Paris Agreement, NASA’s 97% consensus claims on climate change should be updated to include studies showing no consensus on climate change. Friends of Science Society has sent a letter to Chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology for their request, explaining that there are serious ethical and economic implications for using social proofs to sway public opinion on policy, without proper cost-benefit analysis.

Climate Change Policy Threatens the Survival of Canada – Recommends Withdrawal from Paris; May 25, 2017

Friends of Science Society says speakers at their recent “Climate Dogma Exposed” event demonstrated that Canada may not survive climate change policy and GHG reductions would be purely sacrificial; even if all Paris signatories met their targets, emissions would increase overall. Since the United Nations Charter Principles call for improvement of socio-economic strength of nations, not destruction, Friends of Science recommends withdrawal from the COP-21 Paris Agreement or scaling back of targets.

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