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GenEnergy Conference Misleads Canadians on Energy – Oil Price Shock Expected in 2020; October 19, 2017

The Generation Energy Forum held last week in Winnipeg, Manitoba, featuring futurist author Jeremy Rifkin misleads Canadians on energy says Friends of Science. In response they have published two blog posts on current world energy use, prepared by Ottawa energy policy consultant Robert Lyman, and a summary of an RTBF Belgium debate predicting oil price shock by 2020 due to lack of investment in oil.

BNP Paribas Stance on Oil Sands and Coal Investments Hypocritical and Based on Old Climate Change Science; October 12, 2017

BNP Paribas SA recent announcement that it will no longer invest in oil sands or coal is hypocritical and based on out-of-date climate change science says Friends of Science Society. Recent summaries of International Energy Outlook by the UN EIA prepared by Ottawa energy policy consultant, Robert Lyman, show the world markets for fossil fuels is booming; renewables, not so much.

Canadian Government Would Owe Taxpayers Money if Carbon Tax is Based on New FUND Calculations

A new evaluation of the Social Costs of Carbon, the mathematical basis for setting carbon taxes, using the FUND economic model shows that there is a global net benefit of of some $US 17/tCO2 (per tonne of carbon dioxide) from carbon dioxide emissions, even more beneficial to Canadians as they are burdened with a cold climate, says Friends of Science Society. This revelation coincides with a viral fair taxation campaign in Canada denouncing other government-proposed small business tax changes.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Hysteria tied to Claims of Global Warming Debunked by Dr. Roy Spencer’s New Book; September 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey and Irma reports in the press by the Pope, popstars like Stevie Wonder and pop-scientists like Bill Nye that tie these events to global warming and climate change have been debunked by a new book written by Dr. Roy Spencer says Friends of Science. After a near 12-year hiatus of no Category 3 or stronger hurricanes making landfall in the US regions recently hit, humans have simply forgotten that the power of nature is beyond their control.

ShareAction, CDP and UNPRI Must Update Climate Change Science Statements to Reflect Climate Model Failures; September 28, 2017

ShareAction, CDP Worldwide and UNPRI must update their climate change science to reflect the reported failure of climate modeled simulations which are running too hot, says Friends of Science Society. Climate catastrophe claims stem from outdated climate simulations which the financial community continues to use to drive subsidies and renewables policies, neither of which effectively address climate change and both damage the world’s economy says Friends of Science.

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