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Rein in Climate Rhetoric by Charities and Press Censorship by Media of Dissenting Views

n the wake of David Suzuki's incitement on pipeline violence, Friends of Science calls for the Canada Revenue Agency Charities Directorate to rein in climate rhetoric by charities in an open letter. The letter also calls for tax-subsidized Canadian media to be required to host dissenting views of the 'consensus' on climate and energy policies, instead of censoring as outlined in the journos' recent "Climate Coverage in Canada Report". The letter notes that the CRA explicitly told Friends of Science Society that 'climate' is not an acceptable charitable cause.

Suzuki Pipeline Blow-up Comments and Incurious Media Create Climate Extremists

David Suzuki's comments inflamed emotions in flood-battered British Columbia as he claimed pipelines would be blown up if climate action was not taken by governments, which is nonsense since billions of dollars are spent on climate action annually, says Friends of Science. The incurious media dutifully repeated his statements and only interviewed parties who echoed the false statements about extreme weather, a method they will expand according to the Canadian Climate Coverage Report. There are no trends toward more extreme weather and flooding is not detected or attributed at all to human influenced climate change.

BC Flooding is an Extreme Weather Event Making a Mockery of Calgary's Climate Emergency Declaration

British Columbia (BC) on Canada's West Coast has suffered a torrential downpour, leading to catastrophic flooding, and the declaration of a state of emergency due to this extreme weather event says Friends of Science Society. By contrast, Calgary's declaration of a Climate Emergency makes a mockery of real emergencies and threatens to divert public funds to green crony climate projects instead of vital infrastructure needs.

Koonin Calls Out Carney on Climate in "Unsettled" - GFANZ Trillions for NetZero Questioned as Greenwashing

Former Obama administration science advisor Steve Koonin calls out Mark Carney's catastrophic climate claims in his new book "Unsettled", says Friends of Science Society. Carney's COP26 victory lap in raising US$130 trillion for NetZero transition is questioned as greenwashing, the Financial Post reports. Koonin says "it's surprising that [Carney] doesn't show a greater respect for the perils of prediction-and more caution in depending upon models." A recent peer-reviewed paper by Prof. Nicola Scafetta, which analyzed 38 of 40 climate models (simulations), shows they had overestimated warming for the past 40 years and should not be used for policy-making.

Climate Catastrophists at COP26 Slapped Down by CLINTEL Letter

The UN COP26 climate conference in Glasgow opened with even more ridiculous Doomsday claims from national and religious leaders, none of whom are scientists, but CLINTEL's open letter slaps down this nonsense with 'climate reason' says Friends of Science Society. CLINTEL is the climate intelligence organization based in The Netherlands, with a network of more than 925 signatory scientists, engineers and scholars who reject the claim of a climate emergency. Hard facts show that global warming is NOT catastrophic, and therefore, there is NO climate crisis.