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FoS Disputes David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice on Anti-Pipeline Statements; December 20, 2016

Friends of Science Society disputes recent e-mail statements of the David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice on climate change and anti-Pipeline Statements saying that in their opinion these statements are not balanced and are damaging the Canadian economy. Friends of Science says anti-oil groups often use the fear of climate or transport catastrophe to raise money when evidence reveals that oil transport by pipeline and tanker in Canada is safe and effective.

The Rebel Media Rally Captured Anti-Carbon Tax Skeptic Fervor of Albertans; December 14, 2016

Friends of Science Society says the Alberta NDP government’s carbon tax and climate change plan face growing resistance from the public, evidenced by the enthusiastic rally Dec. 11, 2016 organized by The Rebel Media. Conservative Party Candidate Brad Trost, a geophysicist and economist, challenged climate change dogma to the delight of the crowd, but the NDP issued a release saying he’d ‘denied the science of climate change.’

Friends of Science Society Calls for Conflict of Interest Inquiry into Alberta Climate Change Plan; December 6, 2016

Friends of Science Society is asking the Alberta Ethics Commissioner and Auditor General to conduct a conflict of interest inquiry into the Alberta Climate Change Plan and carbon tax, citing numerous potential conflicts. Albertans have not been given any form of cost-benefit analysis for the expensive and extensive overhaul of the electrical power grid, the sums of money involved are not trivial and Friends of Science say Albertans are owed due diligence.

Rebuttal of Carbon Price Rhetoric of the Smart Prosperity Letter to Canadian Prime Minister; December 1, 2016

Friends of Science Society has issued an open letter challenging the rhetoric of a Nov. 23, 2016 Smart Prosperity letter which urges Canadian leaders to “take bold, steps toward a clean energy future.” Friends of Science says the corporate signatories and activists groups may have commercial benefit but average Canadians will pay a burdensome price for the “Smart” Prosperity low-carbon fantasy.

Anti-oil Groups Make Misleading Claims - Oil Pipeline and Tanker Safety; November 30, 2016

Friends of Science Society is calling out anti-oil climate change groups like the David Suzuki Foundation for making misleading claims about subsidies to oil and gas companies, saying oil and gas revenues subsidize large sectors of Canadian society, and that by contrast, Prime Minister Trudeau's approvals of Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion and Enbridge Line 3 replacement will boost the Canadian economy. Friends of Science has published two new reports on oil pipeline and tanker safety in Canada by Robert Lyman.

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