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Suzuki Foundation Demands for Multi-Billion Dollar Renewables Plans are Infeasible; April 5, 2017

Friends of Science Society says a new study shows that the David Suzuki Foundation is misleading the public with its infeasible demands for multi-billion-dollar renewable investment and simultaneous phase out of fossil fuels. On May 9th, 2017 Friends of Science will host author Steve Goreham and Ottawa energy policy consultant Robert Lyman at their “Climate Dogma Exposed” event.

Bank of Canada Urged to Retract Wildfire Climate Change Remarks; March 23, 2017

Friends of Science Society is calling on the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada to retract statements that the Fort McMurray and other Alberta wildfires were caused by climate change, a charge that the Friends say is an example of climate dogma, not fact. Diverting attention and budgets from practical wildfire fighting realities to far off climate change hypotheses is dangerous for Canadians living near or within the boreal forest says Friends of Science, announcing their May 9th "Climate Dogma Exposed" event..

West Coast Environmental Law Told to Walk the Talk and Go Without Fossil Fuels; February 8, 2017

Friends of Science Society is calling on West Coast Environmental Law of British Columbia and the 50-odd agencies that have signed on to their proposed anti-oil action against fossil fuel companies to ‘walk-the-talk’ on climate change and abandon their use of fossil fuels today. British Columbia is staggering through one of the heaviest snowfalls of the past many decades and fossil fuels are keeping roads cleared and homes warm, says Friends of Science Society.

New Reports Challenge SHARE on Climate Change Risk and Denial for Pension Fund Trustees and Corporate Boards; February 1, 2017

Friends of Science Society today released two new reports challenging SHARE – Shareholder Association for Research and Education – which claimed corporate boards should have ‘climate competent’ directors and previously claimed climate change denial was not an option for pension fund trustees. Friends of Science says both positions put corporations and society more at risk of loss and economic decline as pension fund trustees should note that climate change can be warmer or cooler with multiple factor causation, not just the alleged carbon ‘risk.’

FoS Disputes David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice on Anti-Pipeline Statements; December 20, 2016

Friends of Science Society disputes recent e-mail statements of the David Suzuki Foundation and Ecojustice on climate change and anti-Pipeline Statements saying that in their opinion these statements are not balanced and are damaging the Canadian economy. Friends of Science says anti-oil groups often use the fear of climate or transport catastrophe to raise money when evidence reveals that oil transport by pipeline and tanker in Canada is safe and effective.

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