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Take off the Veneer of Certainty on Climate Change Science; December 5, 2017

Echoing the sentiments of a blog post by Dr. Judith Curry, Friends of Science Society says it is time to take off the veneer of certainty on climate change science and stop demonizing hydrocarbons like oil, natural gas and coal as in the #PoweringPastCoal campaign. A number of recent writings offer new insights into climate change science –an essay by Rupert Darwall on “The Veneer of Certainty Stoking Climate Alarm,” and a new book “Mirrors and Mazes: A Guide Through the Climate Change Debate” by Dr. Howard Brady.

Climate Change Film “The Uncertainty Has Settled” Wins Best Feature Documentary; November 29, 2017

“The Uncertainty Has Settled” by independent Dutch filmmaker, Marijn Poels, has won Best Feature Documentary at the Paris Independent Film Festival. Poels says the film has sparked controversy but at the same time has opened up the public debate about whether renewable energy and related climate policies make sense, a question asked by Wind Aware Ireland in their new report.

#PoweringPastCoal Fails to Recognize Global Energy Realities - a Coal Demarketing Campaign; November 23, 2017

At COP23 in Bonn, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the Hon.Catherine McKenna, formed a coalition of countries that use 3.5% of global coal consumption to push for global phase-out of coal under the name #PoweringPastCoal. Friends of Science says the entire thinking is flawed when some 30% of the world’s energy is supplied by affordable, abundant coal, and that national energy systems need stable, reliable power; intermittent wind & solar renewables cannot support even basic society.

UN COP-23 Blocks Canada’s Rebel Media from Press Accreditation at Climate Change Confab; November 1, 2017

Canadian journalists from The Rebel Media have reportedly been denied press accreditation to the UN COP-23 conference, set to open in Bonn Nov. 6, 2017, says Friends of Science Society. Freedom of speech on climate change has become a contentious issue with various bodies pushing to make it a criminal offence to question, even though under the UN Charter, freedom of speech and the press is supposed to be a protected right world-wide.

Young and Old Alike Reject Climate Change Hysteria as EU Parliament Reviews Skeptical Film; October 26, 2017

While headlines claiming climate change catastrophe abound, young and old alike reject climate hype and question the burdensome subsidies that damage the environment and economy, says Friends of Science. They cite the failure of climate catastrophe movies like “Geostorm” versus the success of a recent showing of “The Uncertainty Has Settled” at the European Parliament, along with public condemnation of climate policies by Australian politician Tony Abbot and Canadian business leaders.

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