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Bill Gates-Funded Solar Dimming Project Risks the Lives of Millions and Must be Stopped

A Bill Gates-funded Harvard project to dim the sun by injecting aerosols into the atmosphere risks the lives of millions, is fraught with unintended consequences, and must be stopped, says Friends of Science Society. The project is intended to reduce global warming by introducing an artificial cloud of reflective aerosols. Recent research by Roger Pielke, Jr. and Justin Ritchie shows that the climate science community has relied on an unrealistic projection – RCP 8.5 - there is no climate emergency. NASA award-winning scientist, Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama Huntsville, will explain “The Most Important Reasons Why There is No Climate Emergency” in an on-line Friends of Science Society event, with live Q&A after the presentation, on Jan 19, 2021, at 7PM MST.

Trudeau Climate Plan will Inflict Cruel and Unusual Punishment on Canadians

The Trudeau climate plan released on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, will inflict cruel and unusual punishment on Canadians, says Friends of Science Society. in a new report. Friends of Science says the Trudeau plan lacks due diligence and attempts to bribe Canadians with claims that a carbon tax rebate (dividend) will return more money than is paid out by consumers. As reported by Brian Lilley in the Toronto Sun of Dec. 15, 2020, the plan includes a “566% increase for a controversial tax that’s before the Supreme Court.” The same plan pushes the goal of NetZero 2050, which energy economist Robert Lyman has ballparked in the trillions of dollars. According to Lyman’s report, the cost of electrification is around Cdn$5 trillion.

Pension Fund Giants Called out on Material Changes to Climate Science and Inadequate Disclosure

The November 25, 2020, call by eight of Canada’s pension giants for a ‘green COVID-19 recovery’ is being challenged by Friends of Science Society in an open letter of Dec. 2, 2020, that states climate change science understanding has materially changed. While the pension funds, like many investors, call for corporations to move to an ESG and climate risk reporting system, Friends of Science Society says there is inadequate disclosure by green industries and investors of the fact that government policy and subsidies are the only reason those industries exist. Since taxpayers are now burdened with government debt and many are bankrupt, demanding more such ‘green crony capitalism’ is an insult to the ordinary working person, says Friends of Science Society.

Donna Laframboise Online Event Speaks to Climate Activism Undermining Freedoms

Friends of Science Society is pleased to announce that ticketing is open for their 17th Annual Event, now a two-part speaker series, with Donna Laframboise as first guest speaker, Dec. 8, 2020, at 7pm Mountain Standard Time. Donna will address “Climate Activism: Undermining Free Speech, Free Thought & Free Choice”. Donna Laframboise is a journalist and past vice president of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. The second part of the event will feature Dr. Roy Spencer online on January 19, 2021, on “The Most important Reasons Why There is No Climate Emergency”.

CLINTEL calls out McKinsey Global Institute for Peddling Climate Science Fiction

In a letter to McKinsey Global Institute, commenting on two recent climate change reports, CLINTEL asks why McKinsey chose the wildly exaggerated scenario known as RCP 8.5, one that most climate scientists reject as science fiction, says Friends of Science. CLINTEL president Prof. Guus Berkhout and German teenager Naomi Seibt have challenged the EU on climate change; Friends of Science have taken on SLATE as climate crusaders against the public good. The climate modeled simulation is known as the Representative Concentration Pathway 8.5 (RCP 8.5), part of a series of simulations developed to study what factors affect climate change. According to a Jan. 2, 2020, article in Forbes, climate policy analyst Roger Pielke, Jr., in 2014, climate science was corrupted by two billionaires and a key climate activists who developed the “Risky Business” report, presenting the RCP 8.5 as business-as-usual, which it is not.

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