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Climate Change Minister McKenna Challenged on Clean Growth Claims and Carbon Tax

Canada’s Minister McKenna made claims about clean growth and benefits of a carbon tax in “The Future Economy”; both claims are rebutted as ‘hallucination’ on clean growth and economically damaging on carbon tax, by Friends of Science Society in a new report. Also, in a new blog post, Robert Lyman also offers a plain language overview of a the McKitrick/Christy paper which questions the validity of IPCC climate models’ warming rate.

Bangkok Conference Fails on Green Finance while Porto Climate Science Conference Shows CO2 is Not the Main Driver of Climate Change

In Bangkok, governments squabbled over $100 billion in green climate finance, at the same time in Porto, Portugal, over 100 scientific experts showed that carbon dioxide is not the main driver of climate change, says Friends of Science Society. Attempts to stop the Porto Basic Climate Change Science Conference and to vilify participants and peripheral university funding partners are a modern-day Portuguese inquisition says conference convenors.

"Hothouse Earth" is Agenda-Driven Fearmongering for a $400-ton Carbon Tax but Politicians and Taxes Can’t Stop Climate Change

Media headlines on “Hothouse Earth” are agenda-driven fearmongering, says Friends of Science Society, noting that two authors of the related science paper recommend a $400/ton carbon tax. Friends of Science says the true climate ‘reality’ is that climate has cyclical changes, politicians can’t stop climate change through taxation, global governance, or by making climate ‘prophets’ richer.

Climate Change Hysteria Articles like "Hothouse Earth" and "...Doomed World" Misrepresent Evidence and Destroy Hope

Global headlines misrepresented climate change evidence in the recent spate of claims of a future hothouse earth, catastrophic floods or a doomed future for our children, says Friends of Science. Investors should prepare for global cooling as the sun slips into an inactive cycle and fossil fuels will become much more valuable, not stranded.

Heat Waves, Floods and Droughts Are Nothing New, FoS Rebuts NY Times Climate Change Gloom and Doom Edition

Erratic heat waves, floods and droughts are nothing new, says Friends of Science rebutting the New York Times special climate change edition with reference to a medieval book of prophecy. Friends of Science says the NYTimes failed to report on the 4.5 billion years of climate change or the undue influence of vested interest billionaires using ENGOs to push cap and trade.

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