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NetZero Commitments for COP26 are Based on Outdated Science – Patrick Moore’s New Book Deconstructs Fake Climate Catastrophes

UN Sec-Gen Antonio Guterres recently called for stringent GHG reductions to meet Paris Agreement climate targets in a run up to COP26 in Glasgow. Friends of Science says Patrick Moore’s new book “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom” deconstructs the climate catastrophe narrative. This is my effort, after 50 years as a scientist and environmental activist, to expose the misinformation and outright lies used to scare us and our children about the future of the Earth. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports have consistently distorted climate projections by relying on the most extreme and least likely emissions scenario referred to as RCP 8.5.

Mark Carney Conflates Climate-COVID Fearmongering on False Grounds

Mark Carney, UN Climate Czar, falsely claimed, with no supporting evidence, that climate deaths would be worse than COVID unless the world throws trillions of dollars at the battle against climate change, says Friends of Science. Fiedler et al show climate risk forecasting that Carney demands of corporations is unreliable and may be ‘weaponized’ to skew markets, as has happened to the Alberta oil sands. Friends of Science says death rates from heat and extreme weather events have declined by 99% since the 1920s while global temperatures have increased 1.0 °C. A study examined 74 million deaths worldwide and found that the ratio of cold-related to heat-related deaths was a whopping 17 to 1. Warming therefore would greatly reduce temperature related deaths.

No Climate Emergency says NASA Award-Winning Climate Scientist - Climate Activists Undermine Your Freedoms says Investigative Journalist

The Main Reasons Why There is No Climate Emergency" is the theme of Dr. Roy Spencer's on-line presentation for Friends of Science Society's 17th Annual Event, "Freedom of Speech! No Climate Emergency!". Donna Laframboise presented "Climate Activists: Undermining Free Speech, Free Thought and Free Choice" in December – both recorded events are available for viewing. The full recorded online speakers' event with Q&A is available for viewing by Friends of Science members and individual ticket holders. Laframboise details how influential journalists and pundits have skewed the public debate on climate change. Spencer explained that media pundits wildly exaggerate claims of global warming or climate change but the data and evidence tell a different story.

Bill Gates-Funded Solar Dimming Project Risks the Lives of Millions and Must be Stopped

A Bill Gates-funded Harvard project to dim the sun by injecting aerosols into the atmosphere risks the lives of millions, is fraught with unintended consequences, and must be stopped, says Friends of Science Society. The project is intended to reduce global warming by introducing an artificial cloud of reflective aerosols. Recent research by Roger Pielke, Jr. and Justin Ritchie shows that the climate science community has relied on an unrealistic projection – RCP 8.5 - there is no climate emergency. NASA award-winning scientist, Dr. Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama Huntsville, will explain “The Most Important Reasons Why There is No Climate Emergency” in an on-line Friends of Science Society event, with live Q&A after the presentation, on Jan 19, 2021, at 7PM MST.

Trudeau Climate Plan will Inflict Cruel and Unusual Punishment on Canadians

The Trudeau climate plan released on the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement, will inflict cruel and unusual punishment on Canadians, says Friends of Science Society. in a new report. Friends of Science says the Trudeau plan lacks due diligence and attempts to bribe Canadians with claims that a carbon tax rebate (dividend) will return more money than is paid out by consumers. As reported by Brian Lilley in the Toronto Sun of Dec. 15, 2020, the plan includes a “566% increase for a controversial tax that’s before the Supreme Court.” The same plan pushes the goal of NetZero 2050, which energy economist Robert Lyman has ballparked in the trillions of dollars. According to Lyman’s report, the cost of electrification is around Cdn$5 trillion.

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