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"Covering Climate Now" Misrepresents IPCC SR15 report as Climate Scientists Call for IPCC to Publicly Condemn Media Hysteria

“Covering Climate Now” involves some 60 media outlets worldwide, dedicated to pushing climate hysteria, says Friends of Science, condemning the fact that they misrepresent the IPCC SR15 report with ‘end-of-world’ hype. A Nature Climate Change commentary by scientists calling for the IPCC to calm the hysteria is ignored by major media who falsely claim to ‘foster constructive debate.’

Washington Post Op-ed and Greenpeace Claims Prove Alberta’s War Room is Necessary to fight Energy and Climate Disinfo

Recent op-eds in the Washington Post and Financial Post that misrepresent the foreign-funded Tar Sands Campaign and the facts about Alberta’s oil sands and climate change, prove the need for a “War Room” to counter disinformation, says Friends of Science. A new paper in Nature Climate Change calls on IPCC scientists to publicly refute climate catastrophe claims stemming from media hype surrounding the IPCC SR15 report. The scientific consensus has shifted to affirm that carbon dioxide is not the control knob on climate.

Environmental Groups and Journalists Continue to Terrify the Public with False Connection between Climate Change and Weather Extremes

The Star reports that climate despair is driving people into depression and toward suicide based on hyperbolic reports of weather extreme and wildfires as signs of impending doom, says Friends of Science, but that’s a false connection. Roger Pielke, Jr., author of “The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters and Climate Change," offers journalists a free download of his book with the facts showing things are much better than reported.

Italian Scientists Reject Global Warming Hysteria while Canadian Sustainable Finance Panel Jumps on Sinking Ship of Climate Action

One hundred Italian scientists have sent a petition to their government to reject Anthropogenic Global Warming as unfounded in science, meanwhile the Canadian Sustainable Finance Panel has jumped on this sinking ship of climate change, says Friends of Science. A new report, “The Ontario Government Climate Legacy” should offer fair warning to Canadians on the financial catastrophe that awaits with “Climate Action.”

Controversy Over Canadian Climate Emergency Declaration Pits Evidence Against Ideology

The ‘climate emergency’ declaration craze sweeping cities and countries including Canada, comes from a plan developed by a clinical psychologist, and is not based on evidence or the views of most climate scientists, says Friends of Science Society. In a popular open letter to Lisa Raitt, MP, Canadian climate science author, Prof. Ross McKitrick, warns against letting the 'climate mob' silence dissenting views that challenge the alleged ‘consensus.’

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