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FoS News Release April 16, 2013

McKitrick Study Slams Wind Energy for Sky High Costs and No Benefit. The Fraser Institute's report by Dr. Ross McKitrick shows that Ontario's Green Energy Act intended to stop global warming, is causing energy prices to soar with the plan now 10 times costlier than alternatives that would have yielded the same environmental benefits. Friends of Science ask Alberta School Boards and Alberta government to halt pending long-term 25 year wind power purchase deal with BluEarth Renewables, Inc. due to financial risks to taxpayers.

FoS News Release April 11, 2013

Keystone XL Opposition not based on Reason or Climate Change but on EU Carbon Markets looking to Expand in US EU Free Trade. EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard of Denmark says President Obama should veto Keystone XL to make good on his global warming rhetoric or institute a carbon tax. There is neither reason nor science to back up Hedegaard's claims say Friends of Science.

FoS News Release April 4, 2013

Climate Reality Presentations Play on Fears of Global Warming and Climate Change but Lack Supporting Facts. Al Gore's "Climate Reality" presentation witnessed by Friends of Science members featured frightening movie clips of disasters, but when asked the questions about climate change science there was no supporting evidence offered. Friends of Science stand by the evidence-based scientific method and are concerned that this climate "reality" is being promoted in schools across North America, consequently they announce the posting of a point-by-point rebuttal backed up with scientific evidence on their website.

FoS News Release April 3, 2013

Thousands Die Due to Climate Change Policies and Carbon Taxes as Friends of Science Bring Dr. Peiser from Global Warming Policy Foundation UK to issue Warning to America. The UK's failed climate change policies are killing thousands during big freeze in the UK according to reports in major newspapers; a grim warning to North America on the perils of carbon taxes and forced closure of coal-fired plants. Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation will be guest speaker: "To Heat or Eat: Europe's Failed Climate Policies" May 14, 2013 in Calgary, Alberta at the 10th Annual Friends of Science luncheon.

FoS News Release March 28, 2013

Health Stats and Global Warming Fears in Coal Emissions Report by Pembina Institute disputed by Top Scientist. Pembina has called upon Alberta to close its coal-fired plants claiming their emissions cause 100 premature deaths per year, health costs and global warming. Economist Dr. Ross McKitrick disputes the statistical fear-mongering of the Pembina Institute on the emission health effects. "The Pembina model attributes over half the annual deaths in the province to airborne fine particulates. I find this implausible, to say the least," says McKitrick.

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