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Satellite Sea Level Acceleration is Artifact of Bad Calibration at Overlap Periods   [In Sea Level Rise] added March 1, 2021

A Solar-Climate Link in Arid Central Asia     [In The Sun] added December 28, 2020

A Cruel and Unusual Punishment     [In Climate Policy] added December 12, 2020

Test of FUND 's Temperature Response to CO2   [In Economics] added December 4, 2020

European Wind Plus Solar Cost 6 Times Other Electrical Sources   [In Economics] added October 14, 2020

Hurricane Trend Detection     [In Extreme Weather] added September 30, 2020

Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2018   [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added September 30, 2020

Total Precipitable Water and the Greenhouse Effect [In Greenhouse Effect] added September 17, 2020

Pervasive Warming Bias in CMIP6 Tropospheric Layers  [In Climate Models] added September 2, 2020

Models and Rainfall Four Climate Models Compared    [In Climate Models] added September 2, 2020

The Scientific Case for Vacating the EPA's Carbon Dioxide Endangerment Finding   [In Climate Policy] added September 2, 2020

Critique of "Lancet Countdown" on Climate Change: The Need For Context   [In Health and Animals] added September 2, 2020

Global Greening by Vegetation Type Over the Last 17 Years   [In CO2 and Plant Growth] added September 2, 2020

The Flaw in Relying on Worst-Case-Scenario Climate Model   [In climate models] added June 30, 2020

Climate Sensitivity by Energy Balance with Urban and Natural Warming   [In Greenhouse Effect] added June 13, 2020

Modeling Quiet Solar Luminosity Variability   [In The Sun] added June 2, 2020

The Global Economic Impact of Climate Change on Energy Expenditures [In Economics] added May 30, 2020

Facts vs Fortune Telling: Alberta 's Climate Future Report Review     [In Ethics] added May 26, 2020

The Next Solar Cycle And Why it Matters for Climate   [In The Sun] added May 18, 2020

Environmental Charities Their Finances, Power and Implications for Canada [In Climate Policy] added April 15, 2020

Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau   [In Climate Policy] added April 3, 2020

Coral Reefs in Turks and Caicos Islands Resist Bleaching Event   In [Oceans] added March 26, 2020

A 5680-Year South America Tree-ring Temperature Record   [In Temperature History] added March 26, 2020

Fuel and Poor Forest Management is the Main Factor in Australian Wildfires [In Ethics] added March 26, 2020

New 80-Year Deep-Ocean Temperature Dataset Compared to a 1D Climate Model  [In Greenhouse Effect] added March 26, 2020

Climate Sensitivity, Agricultural Productivity and the Social Cost of Carbon in FUND   [In Economics] added March 26, 2020

Richard Lindzen on Climate Sensitivity  [In Greenhouse Effect] added December 28, 2019

Solar and Wind Power Cost about 9 times That of Electricity from Other Sources [In Economics] added December 23, 2019

Fear and Loathing; History, Context and Observations  [In Climate Policy] added December 13, 2019

Economic Impact of Energy Consumption Change Caused by Global Warming   [In Economics] added October 12, 2019

Effects of Urban and Surface Proceses on Surface and Lower Troposphere Temperature Trends   [In Urban Heat Island Effect] added October 7, 2019

The Positive Impact of Human CO2 Emissions on the Survival of Life on Earth   [In CO2 and Plant Growth] added September 25, 2019

Florida Major Hurricane Strikes: No Significant Increase in Intensity from Sea Surface Warming   [In Extreme Weather] added September 24, 2019

The Little Ice Age and 20th-century Deep Pacific Cooling   [In Oceans] added August 24, 2019

The Private Benefit of Carbon Dioxide and its Social Cost   [In Economics] added August 12, 2019

Urban Heat Island Accounts For Half Of Climate Warming In China [In Urban Heat Island Effect] added July 28, 2019

How Much CO2 and the Sun Contribute to Global Warming [In Greenhouse Effect] added July 20, 2019

Galileo and the Medicis brought Revolution and Truth   [In Ethics] added July 19, 2019

Climate Models Have Been Predicting Too Much Warming [In Greenhouse Effect] added July 12, 2019

Total Precipitable Water and the Greenhouse Effect   [In Greenhouse Effect] added June 22, 2019

FORCE MAJEURE: The Sun 's Role in Climate Change   [In The Sun] added May 24, 2019

Space-based Bulk Atmospheric Temperatures Used in Climate Research [In Temperature History] added May 23, 2019

Disrupting the Theory on Polar Vortex and Global Warming [In Extreme Weather] added May 23, 2019

Do Atmosphere Temperatures Support Greenhouse Gas Warming Theory? [In The Greenhouse Effect] added May 23, 2019

A Global Assessment of Atoll Island Area Changes [In Sea Level Rise] added May 23, 2019

Climate Change Your Mind: Response to "Canada's Changing Climate Report 2019" [In Ethics] added May 3, 2019

Climate Science and Economics [In Economics] added March 25, 2019

In Search Of Autonomous Regulatory Processes In The Global Atmosphere [In Greenhouse Effect] added February 7, 2019

A Brief Review Of Global Temperature Variability [In General Climate Sciences] added February 7, 2019

The Science of Climate Change: A Consideration of the IPCC Assessment Reports [In General Climate Sciences] added February 6, 2019

Is the Sun driving ozone and changing the climate? [In The Sun] added February 2, 2019

In The Dark On   Renewables: Rebutting Deloitte and Climate Reality [In Climate Policy] added Dec 29, 2018

Faulty Premises = Poor   Public Policy on Climate; IPCC SR15 [In Climate Policy] added Dec 29, 2018

The Economics of the IPCC 's Special Report on Limiting Temperatures to 1.5 °C [In Economics] added October 30, 2018

Open Letter to the World on Climate Change [In General Climate Sciences] added October 27, 2018

Testing the Tropical 200-300 mbar Warming Rate in Climate Models [In climate models] added Sept 30, 2018

Changes in the Rate of Sea Level Rise; Gavin vs Eschenbach   [In Sea Level Rise] added June 29, 2018

Uncertainties in Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change   [In The Greenhouse Effect] June 23, 2018

Correcting Flaws in Global Warming Projections   [In The Greenhouse Effect] June 3, 2018

Status of Canadian Polar Bears Updated Map from Environment Canada [In Health and Animals] added June 3, 2018

Speculative Climate Chaos vs. Indisputable Fossil Fuel Benefits [In Climate Policy] June 3, 2018

Tracing Winter Temperatures Over the Last Two Millennia   [In Temperature History] added June 3, 2018

The Impact of Recent Forcing and Ocean Heat Uptake Data on Estimates of Climate Sensitivity   [In The Greenhouse Effect] May 12, 2018

Macron 's Naievete about Climate Change   [In Climate Policy] May 7, 2018

How America Can Dominate the World Energy Market   [In Climate Policy] November 30, 2017

Climate Sensitivity from the Bulk Troposphere   [In The Greenhouse Effect] November 29, 2017

A Veneer of Certainty Stoking Climate Alarm   [In Consensus] added November 29, 2017

How America Can Dominate the World Energy Market [In Climate Policy] November 30 2017

Tide Gauge Records to Infer Global Sea-Level Acceleration   [In Sea Level Rise] added November 1, 2017

Empirically Constrained Climate Sensitivity and the Social Cost of Carbon Dioxide [in Economics] added October 4, 2017

Calculating the Social Cost  of CO2 Emissions Using FUND [in Economics] added September 29, 2017

Health Effects of Global Warming   [In Health and Animals] added July 31, 2017

A Review of Skeptical Science ' Alleged Myths   [In General Climate Sciences] added June 22, 2017

Antarctic Ice Expansion Shows Climate Models Are Unreliable  [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added June 21, 2017

To Put America First Is to Put Our Planet 's Climate First   [In Climate Policy] added June 17, 2017

Testimony of Dr. John Christy on Climate Science March 29, 2017 [In Climate Models] added June 11, 2017

Trump Bids Paris Adieu!     [In Climate Policy]   added June 2, 2017

Climate and Epidemics in China     [In Health and Animals] added June 2, 2017

European Mean Sea Level Shows No Acceleration     [In Sea Level Rise] added June 2, 2017

The Impacts of Urban Heat Islands in the Spanish Mediterranean   [In Urban Heat Island Effect] added June 2, 2017

Can Canada Survive Climate Change Policy? Time to Talk and Stop Climate Bullying [In Climate Policy] added May 21, 2017

Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea and their Relationship with Sunspots [In Extreme Weather] added March 16, 2017

Examining the Social Cost and Benefit of Carbon Dioxide; Dr. Michaels [In Economics] added March 16, 2017

Estimating Climate Sensitivity Using Two-zone Energy Balance Models [In The Greenhouse Effect] added January 19, 2017

Climate Variability and Lake Ecosystem Responses in Norway During the Last Millennium [In Temperature History] added January 19, 2017

The Economic Impact on the Alberta Electricity Market of the Climate Plan [In Economics] added January 19, 2017

Ontario 's Costly Coal Phase-out Did Not Significantly Reduce Air Pollution [In Climate Policy] added January 19, 2017

Trump Transition Will be a Tsunami Washing Away Climate Corruption [In Ethics] added January 3, 2017

Tide Gauge Location and the Measurement of Global Sea Level Rise   [In Sea Level Rise] added December 10, 2016

Natural Oceanic Cycles Are The Recent Major Climate Driver   [In Oceans] added December 10, 2016

The Stadium Wave   [In Oceans] added December 10, 2016

Climate and the Solar System   [In The Sun] added December 5, 2016

Alberta Wide Rally: Standup for Democracy November 5th, 2016 [In Events] added November 5, 2016

Ken Gregory on Alberta's Climate Plan "Meet the Experts" on AM770   [In Video/Audio>Audio] added October 31, 2016

Dire Consequences: Destroying Alberta's Affordable Power Advantage [In Climate Policy] added September 29, 2016

The nonexistence of the Tropical Hot Spot & Invalidity of the EPA's Endangerment Finding [In Temperature History] added September 21, 2016

A Practical Guide to the Economics of Carbon (Dioxide) Pricing [In Economics] added September 19, 2016

Solar Activity and Variations in sea surface temperature (SST) and Atmospheric Circulation [In The Sun] added September 19, 2016

A Guide to Understanding Global Temperature Data   [In Temperature History] added September 19, 2016

Alberta 's Climate Plan: A burden with no benefit - Presentation [In Climate Policy] added July 27, 2016

National Heat Island: The Effect of Anthropogenic Heat Output on Climate Change [In Urban Heat Island Effect] added July 4, 2016

A Major Deception on Global Warming   [In Ethics] added July 4, 2016

Modulation of Ice Ages via Precession and Dust-Albedo Feedbacks [In General Climate Sciences] added July 1, 2016

Antarctic Ice Expansion Shows Climate Models Are Unreliable     [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added December 11, 2015

Geothermal for Alberta? A Case for Caution [In Climate Policy] added June 20, 2016

A Confluence of Carbonbaggers   [In  Climate Policy] added June 20, 2016

Alberta 's Proposed Climate Plan: A Burden with No Benefit [In Climate Policy] added June 15, 2016

Researchers Astonished: Coral Reefs Thriving in a More Acidic  Ocean [In Oceans] added June 8, 2016

Why Renewable Energy Cannot Replace Fossil Fuels by 2050   [In Climate Policiy] added June 1, 2016

Cloud Studies Suggest Low Climate Sensitivity as Aerosols have Smaller Effect than Previously Thought [In Clouds] added May 30, 2016

Rise in CO2 has Greened Planet Earth   [In CO2 and Plant Growth] added May 30, 2016

The Global Urban Heat Island Effect from Population Density   [In Urban Heat Island effect] added May 15, 2016

Convulsive Flurry: Conspiracy, Consensus, Motivation: A Corollary to Lewandowsky et al (2015) [In Consensus] added April 22, 2016

On Earth Day We Should Celebrate The True Green Fuels Hydrocarbons and Nuclear [In Climate Policy] added April 22, 2016

The Carbon-Tax Shell Game   [In  Climate Policy] added March 29, 2016

Green Jobs Rhetoric or Reality   [In  Climate Policy] added March 29, 2016

One-Third of AMS Members Don 't Agree with Climate Change Orthodoxy [In Consensus] added March 25, 2016

Residential Solar: Myth vs. Fact   [In  Climate Policy] added March 25, 2016

Trends in Extreme Weather Events since 1900 An Enduring Conundrum for Wise Policy Advice [In Extreme Weather] added  March 23, 2016

Testimony of Dr. John Christy - U.S. House Committee on Science, Space & Technology [In Climate Models] added February 7, 2016

Alberta 's Proposed Carbon Tax: A Burden with No Benefit   [In  Climate Policy] added February 6, 2016

Heat-related Death Projections Don 't Square with Observations   [In Extreme Weather] added January 22, 2016

The Electric Car is Dead, Executed by Al Gore and his Environmental Allies [In Climate Policy] added January 21, 2016

Top 11 Problems for Wind and Solar   [In Climate Policy] added December 26, 2015

Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming: NIPCC Report on Scientific Consensus [In Consensus] added December 20, 2015

New Study Shows NOAA Overestimate US Warming By 59% due to poor siting of weather stations [In Urban Heat Island Effect] added December 19, 2015

NASA Study Shows Antarctica is Gaining Ice at About 82 Billion Tonnes per Year [In Polar Regions and Glaciers] added December 11, 2015

The Green Blob: Who Will Protect the Victims of Environmentalism?   [In  Climate Policy] added December 11, 2015

You Can 't Get There from Here   [In  Climate Policy] added November 17, 2015

Doctors, Nurses Raise False Alarm about Dangers of Coal   [In Climate Policy] added November 16, 2015

Letter to the PM: COP21 Paris 2015: Does The IPCC Climate Science Merit Action? [In General Climate Sciences] added November 9, 2015

On Trial: Social Cost of Carbon   [In Economics] added October 28, 2015

Infiltration: The Effect of Condoning Intimidating Language in a Climate Science Journal   [In Climategate & Ethics] added September 26, 2015

Clear the Air in Paris:   Submission by Friends of Science   [In Climate Policy] added September 19, 2015

Black Swans: An essay by Dr. Gerrit J. van der Lingen   [In Climategate & Ethics] added September 19, 2015

A Skeptic's Submission to the Alberta Climate Change Advisory [In General Climate Sciences] added September 19, 2015

From Ice Age to Nice Age   [In  Climate Policy] added September 16, 2015

A Solution to Success - Destroying Low Cost Energy   [In Climate Policy] added September 11, 2015

CO2 Emissions Reduction, Renewables and Recession  [In  Climate Policy] added September 11, 2015

The Role of Solar Variability on Northern Hemisphere Temperature Trends since the 19th Century [In The Sun] added September 6, 2015

Alberta Climate Change Panel too one-sided   [In  Climate Policy] added September 2, 2015

Who Cuts? Who Pays?   [In  Climate Policy] added August 31, 2015

What is the True Cost of Electricity?   [In Economics] added August 17, 2015

Letter: Electrical Costs Spark Action in Alberta   [In Climate Policy] added August 17, 2015

Earth 's Top of Atmosphere Energy Imbalance in Climate Models   [In Climate Models] added August 12, 2015

Why Models Run Hot: Results from an Irreducibly Simple Climate Model   [In Climate Models] added August 8, 2015

15 Years of CERES Versus Surface Temperature: Climate Sensitivity = 1.3 deg. C [In The Greenhouse Effect] added July 28, 2015

An Analysis of the Obama Administration 's Social Cost of Carbon by Dr. Pat Michaels   [In Economics] added July, 27, 2015

Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States [In Climate Policy] added July, 27, 2015

The F-word in Quebec Premier's Climate Change Hypocrisy   [In  Climate Policy] added July, 27, 2015

CEQ Draft Guidance for GHG Emissions and the Effects of Climate Change [In Climate Models] added July 20, 2015

Is a Mini-ice Age Coming in 2030, and Does the Sun have Two Dynamos? [In The Sun] added July 19, 2015

The Best Renewable Energy Investment - Solar is Heavily Subsidized  [In  Climate Policy] added July, 17, 2015

Views on the Influence of CO2 on Climate   [In General Climate Sciences] added July 13, 2015

Climate Change Targets for Canada - Examining the Implications [In  Climate Policy] added June 29, 2015

What Signing the Climate Change Targets Will Mean For You   [In  Climate Policy] added June 26, 2015

Researchers Astonished: Coral Reefs Thriving in a More Acidic  Ocean   [In Oceans] added June 8, 2015

A First Look at Possible Artifacts of Data Biases in the Recent Global Surface Warming Hiatus  [In Temperature History] added June 8, 2015

When Will Climate Scientists Say They Were Wrong?   [In Climate Models] added June 2, 2015

Winters not Summers Increase Mortality and Stress the Economy [In Health and Animals] added May 25, 2015

Answering Nonsensical Charges Against ICSC, by Tom Harris [In Climategate & Ethics] added May14, 2015

True Costs of Wind Electricity   [In Economics] added May14, 2015

Crux of AGW 's Flawed Science - Wrong water-vapor feedback   [In Climate Models] added May 11, 2015

Version 6.0 of the UAH Temperature Dataset Released   [In Temperature History] added April 28, 2015

Taking Greenhouse Warming Seriously   [In The Greenhouse Effect] added April 23, 2015

Dr. Judith Curry Statement on the President 's U.N. Climate Pledge [In  Climate Policy] added April 17, 2015

Bob Tisdale's Open Letter To Three U.S. Senators [In Climate Models] added April 15, 2015

New Aerosol Study Implies Lower Climate Sensitivity   [In Climate Models] added March 30, 2015

Twenty Good Reasons Not to Worry About Polar Bears [In Health and Animals] added March 28, 2015

New Report Challenges the Ontario Climate Change Discussion Paper on Scientific and Economic Evidence  [In  Climate Policy] added March 18, 2015

Alberta School Boards ' Education Dollars Blowin ' in the Wind ' [In  Climate Policy] added March 18, 2015 March 5, 2015

McKitrick on Climate Change   [In Climate Models] added February 14, 2015

Temperature Adjustments Transform Arctic Climate History     [In Temperature History] added February 10, 2014

Burning Questions: An Evidence-based Review of Alberta Phase-out Coal  Campaign [In  Climate Policy] added January 19, 2015

AR5 Attribution Studies   [In Climate Models] added January 14, 2015

Solar Activity and Greenland Climate 12,000 Over Years  [In The Sun] added January 13, 2015

Low Solar Activity May Cause Cold Winters in Northern Countries  [In The Sun] added January 13, 2015

Modeled and Observed Trends of Sea Surface Temperatures [In Oceans] added January 13, 2015



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