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Into Climate Change
Climate Science

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Myths / Facts
Common misconception about global warming.

General Climate Science
Articles concerning many aspects of climate science.

The Sun
The Sun is the main driver of climate change.

Temperature History
Temperature histories from proxy data and the "hockey stick". Also, recent ocean and air temperatures.

Urban Heat Island Effect
Urbanization and land use changes contaminates the temperature record.

There is no consensus on the amount of warming from greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Models
General circulation climate models and their problems.

The Greenhouse Effect
How the greenhouse effect works and climate sensitivity. 

Polar Regions and Glaciers
Arctic, Antarctic and glacier changes.

How clouds regulate the earth's temperature.

Sea Level Rise
The rate of sea level rise is not increasing.

Ocean circulations and oscillations affect climate.

Extreme Weather
Human produced CO2 is not expected to cause more extreme weather.

Health and Animals
Warming is good for your health and for animals

CO2 and Plant Growth
Increasing CO2 concentrations greatly enhances plant growth.

CO2 History
CO2 concentration histories from ice cores, proxy data and direct measurements.

Dr. Tim Ball's Climate Digest Series
A series of articles on climate science.

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