Friends Of Science Twelfth Annual Event, With Dr. Shaviv

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 June 2, 2015 evening at Calgary, Alberta

A Friends of Science Special Event

Featuring Dr. Nir Shaviv, Astrophysicist

Solar forcing and our understanding of past and future climate change 

Nir ShavivDr. Shaviv explained and demonstrated that the sun is an important climate driver but it is missing from the standard climate analyses. As a consequence, the standard (i.e. IPCC) models have a much higher climate sensitivity than the real Earth has, such that future climate response to anthropogenic forcing will be "much more benign" than what alarmists claim.

Dr. Shaviv, is presently on sabbatical as an IBM Einstein Fellow in the field of astrophysics at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. His home institution is The Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he is a full professor of physics in the Racah Institute of Physics.


Dr. Shaviv's presentation is here in PDF format.



Panoramic view of the Nir Shaviv event June 2, 2015 at the Red and White Club, McMahon, Calgary.

Nir Shaviv June 2, 2015 at Red and White Club, Calgary


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