Fos Extracts - 2017 Table of Contents



Canada Still On Pace to Fall Short of Paris Target
Millions Fooled about that Starving Polar Bear
What They Don 't Tell You About Climate Change
Emmanuel Macron: Losing the battle  against Climate Change
New Paper Questions Paris Agreement 's Dubious Temperature Limits
Europe 's Great Green ' Energy Swindle Exposed
Asian Banks Pouring $600 Billion into 1600 New Coal Power Plants
BP 's New Rent-Seeking Venture




Ranting About Climate
Ireland Faces ‚ 600 Million Fine for Missing EU Climate Targets
Global Warming: 2017 Sets New Record for Global Food Production
Tesla Removed from List of EVs Eligible for Subsidies in Germany
German Public Media Finally Acknowledge Country 's Power Grid Now More Unstable than Ever
Carbon Taxes Increase Global CO2 Emissions
Benny Peiser: What I Told Cambridge University 's Spoiled Green Students
Climate Bullies Attack Susan Crockford for Telling the Truth about Polar Bears




Climate Blunder: Staff Blamed for Minister 's Tweet Praising Syrian Regime
First Poland, the Germany, Now Spain: Europe Rejects Coal Phase-out
Germany In Crisis As Coalition Talks Collapse Over Climate Hysteria And Migration
Bj ¸rn Lomborg: The Big Slide in Renewables Tells the Real Story
Offshore Wind Costs Are Rising, Not Falling
California Governor to Vatican: Brain washing  Needed to Tackle Climate Change
Freeman Dyson: Heretical  Thoughts on Global Warming




Why the e ' in EV Stands for Evil
EPA to Scrap Obama 's Clean Power Plan
EPA to End Sue & Settle  Practice
Blatant Hypocrisy re the Social Cost of Carbon
California Gets Quacking  on Ending Duck Curve Problem
Tony Abbot: Daring to Doubt
Tony Abbot 's Victory as Australian Government Dumps Green Energy Target
New World Bank Report Abandons Poor 
Tesla Is Immune to Bad Financial Data
Green Activists Face 21 Years in Prison as Judge Rejects Climate Change Excuse
Is Climate Change Controversy Good for Science?




Climate Change is Killing Us
High Electricity Prices and Ontario 's Job Losses
Carbon Capture and Storage Proves Uneconomic
Draining the EPA Swamp
Green  Energy Fails Every Test
UN: Nobody Is Doing Enough to Limit CO2 Emissions
Sudden Wind Price Collapse in Germany
Prominent Environmentalist Proposes Climate Dictatorship
Green Energy Professor Sues Skeptical Scientists for $10 Million




Why the e ' in EV Stands for Evil
EPA to Scrap Obama 's Clean Power Plan
EPA to End Sue & Settle  Practice
Blatant Hypocrisy re the Social Cost of Carbon
California Gets Quacking  on Ending Duck Curve Problem
Tony Abbot: Daring to Doubt
Tony Abbot 's Victory as Australian Government Dumps Green Energy Target
New World Bank Report Abandons Poor 
Tesla Is Immune to Bad Financial Data
Green Activists Face 21 Years in Prison as Judge Rejects Climate Change Excuse
Is Climate Change Controversy Good for Science?




McKenna at the Mercy of Her Bureaucracy
Revenue Neutral  Lies Again
Lawrence Solomon: Paris is Dead; The Global Warming Policy Deniers Have Won
Canada Must Clarify its National Carbon Policy
Trump 's EPA to Propose Repealing Obama 's Climate Regulation
US Federal Judge Deals Major Blow to the #ExxonKnew Crusaders
US Appeals Court Places Hold on Activist-backed Youth Climate Lawsuit
UK Faces Huge Costs to Avoid Power Shortages with Electric Car Plan
Germany 's Green Mega-flop




Competition Bureau Discontinues Inquiry into Friends of Science Society
National Energy Board Adds Upstream & Downstream GHG Emission to Energy East Review
US Court Rejects Pipeline Project on Climate Concerns
Greenpeace Sued by Another of Its Targets
Why Houston Flooding Isn 't a Sign of Climate Change
Trump Administration Disbands Advisory Committee on Climate Change




Handcuffed to a Gorilla
EPA Will Review Politicized  Climate Report
Fake Businesses
US Cuts IPCC Funding
Paris ' Paper Promises
The Blame Game
Post-Internal Combustion Engine? Doing the UK Math
Fat Polar Bears: Death of a Global Warming Icon
Global Warming (Hallelujah) An Inconvenient Music Video
Sea Level Manipulation




Wind Subsidies Gone, Green Jobs Gone
US Submits Formal Notice of Withdrawal from Paris Agreement
Al Gore 's Inconvenient Sequel
Cost of Natural Disasters Declined in Recent Years: Munich Re
Germany 's Long Goodbye to Coal
EU Blasts Trump for Rejecting Paris Accord, then Increases Coal Imports from the US
The Great Green Diesel Swindle
Exxon, Shell, et al Sued for Sea-level Rises in California
Tesla Battery, Subsidy and Sustainability Fantasies
Killing Whales to Save Polar Bears




Canadian Poll: Carbon Tax More Popular in Theory than Reality
To Stop Global Warming: No Kids, No Cars, No Meat, No Flying!
G20 In Hamburg Fail to Bridge Climate Chasm
Trump to Steer UN Global Warming Funds to Coal and Gas Projects
As Beijing Joins Climate Fight, Chinese Companies Build Coal Plants
EPA to Launch Red Team - Blue Team  Concept for Climate Science
Windpower 's Future in the US Threatened by Local Opposition
California Governor Proposes Huge New EV Incentives
Norway Wrestles with Costly EV Subsidies
China 's EV Problem: Battery Depletion
Why Renewable Energy is (Mostly) a Scam
Tired of Being Wrong, Climate Alarmists Move Doomsday to Next Century




Scientists Blame Climate Change  as Thick Sea Ice Halts Arctic Expedition
Electric Car Subsidies Take Greenwashing to a New Level
Carbon Tax Failure
New Study: Large CO2 Emissions from EV Batteries
New Report: CCS Would Make Nuclear and Renewables Look Cheap
National Climate Assessment and the Trump Administration
EPA Swamp Life
The AMS Scolds Rick Perry for Believing that the Oceans Are Stronger than You SUV
The Global Status of Renewable Energy: Taking Stock
Black Monday for the Climatistas
No, Cities Are Not Actually Leading on Climate
$12.7 Trillion Needed to Meet Paris Climate Goal



Wind Power Fails in Canada-A 23-year Life Span Not Likely to be Replaced
Canadians Should be Grateful to Donald Trump for Killing the Paris Deal
Merkel 's G-20 Climate Alliance is Crumbling
Why Big Business CEOs Lean Left on the Paris Climate Deal
EU Emissions on the Rise: Colder Weather Blamed
Denmark Is Killing Tesla and Other Electric Cars
EPA 's Pruitt: Establish Red Team, Blue Team ' of scientists to examine climate risk of CO2
Testing Vaccine  Against Climate Change Denial
French President Offers US Climate Scientists ‚ 1.5 Million Each to Move to France
Dilbert 1, Scientists 0
$4 Trillion/year Carbon Tax Required to Save the World




Trump 's Budget Eliminates Funding for UN Global Warming Programs
East European States Mount Revolt Against Paris Agreement
German Solar Energy: From the Technology of the Future  to Extinction in 10 Years
Power Shift: India and China Dominate Global Coal Industries as Green Nations Divest
EU Nations Set to Wipe Out Forests and Not Account for Emissions
Africa Has Become Greener in the Past 20 Years
Why Big Corporations Want Trump to Break His Promise on Paris Agreement
COP 24 to Be Held in Poland
Dilbert Disses Climate Science Certainty




Friends of Science Spring Event: May 9, 2017
Justin Trudeau: Enemy of the Militant Climate Crusade
Canada 'a Emissions Down, but Not on Track to Meet 2030 Commitment
Defamation Suit by Andrew Weaver Overturned
Al Gore 's New Group Demands Countries Spend $15 Trillion to Fight Global Warming
Greens Make Natural Gas Their Next Target
Former Obama Energy Official: A Red Team  Exercise Would Strengthen Climate Science




Friends of Science Spring Event: May 9, 2017
US House Science Committee Hearing
Trump to Decide in Late May Whether to Stay In Paris Climate Pact
G7 Energy Ministers Fail to Agree on Climate Change Statement
The Magic Disappearing $100 Billion Climate Fund




Friends of Science Spring Event: May 9, 2017
Trump Sign 's Energy Independence  Executive Order
New EPA Chief Calls Paris Climate Accord A Bad Deal 
The Paris Treaty is Already Failing
The Elites and Climate Change
How American TV Networks Covered Climate Change in 2016
Greenpeace Court Filing in Resolute Dispute
Leaked Paper Exposes EU Countries ' Abuse of Climate Loophole
Report: Germany 's Energiewende Threatens to Become an Economic Disaster
G20 Poised to Signal Retreat from Climate-change Funding Pledge
Big Oil Winning Against Big Green in Wind Subsidies Chase
Science Deniers in the Wind Industry
Australian Climate Institute to Close
Florida: The Sun State with Hardly Any Household Solar




Poll: Two-thirds of Canadians Approve of Ottawa 's Climate Regulations
Climate Skeptics Ask Trump to Withdraw from UN Climate Agency
G20: Angela Market Sets a Climate Ambush for Donald Trump
Germany 's Silent Catastrophe : 300,000 Households See Power Cut Off in One Year
German High Court: Federal Agency Has the Right to Denounce Critical Science Journalists
A Trifecta of Green Lunacy: The Law of Unintended Consequences Kicks In
Reform of the EU Carbon Market
Clean Energy 's Dirty Secret
A Climate Story that Must Be Told
Polar Bear Scare Unmasked: The Saga of a Toppled Global Warming Icon




Canada 's Green Energy Bailouts
Public Backlash Rises over Low-Carbon Policies
Children 's Climate Suit to Donald Trump: See you in court
Scott Pruitt 's Back-to-the-Basics Agenda for the EPA
Trump 's Likely Science Adviser Calls Climate Scientists Glassy-eyed Cult 
Cold Winter: How Lignite, Coal and Gas Saved Germany from Disaster
Europe 's Green Madness: Dieselgate Was a Political Disaster
South Australia 's Windfarms Fail Again
Judith Curry Speaks Out on Climate Science 's Fatal Flaw
Climate Models for the Layman




Alberta Politicians Determined to Fix an Air-Quality Problem that Doesn 't Exist
Ross McKitrick: Ontario 's Painful Coal Phase-out Didn 't Help Pollution
Why is Alberta 's Economy the Only One that Trudeau Wants to Phase out ?
Trump EPA Transition Advisor: He Will Honour Campaign Pledge on Paris Agreement
Washington State Judge Denies Climate Necessity  Defense in Ecoterrorism Case
Japan to Build 45 New Coal-fired Power Plants
How World Leaders Were Duped over Climate Data
Four Key Charts for a Climate Change Skeptic




Ontario 's Plan: Destroy Jobs, Save the Planet
Trudeau 's Cheap Talk on Climate Change
Obama 's Last Climate Action: $500 Million to UN Green Climate Fund
The Immediate Threat to California 's Climate Change Fight isn 't Trump
The Trump Shift at the Environmental Protection Agency
Davos Elite Bet on Trump Climate Failure
Green Champion  China Is Building Europe 's New Coal Plants
Germany 's Energiewende: A Disaster in the Making
The William Happer Interview




The Offset Question: Will Canada Buy Its Way to the Climate Finish Line?
Time to Expose the Lie that Expensive Green Energy Won 't Hurt Canada 's Prosperity
The Day Ontario 's Wind-Power Tyranny Ends There Will Be Dancing in the Streets
Three Post-truths about Global Energy and Climate Change
How Obama 's Climate Rules Might Fade Away
The Impending Collapse of the Global Warming Scare
Skeptical Climate Scientists Coming in from the Cold
EU Deadlocked over Carbon Market Reform
Judith Curry Retires from Georgia Tech
Mark Carney: Firms Must Come Clean on Exposure to Climate-Change Risks
Wind Turbines: Lots of Problems, No Free Energy

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