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Into Climate Change

FoS 17th Annual Climate Event: Freedom of Speech! NO Climate Emergency!

The live events were held;

December 8th, 2020 - 7 pm MST for Donna Laframboise,
January 19th, 2021 - 7 pm MST for Dr. Roy Spencer.
Due to pandemic restrictions and concern for public safety, the events were held online as a two-part series.
Free access was included with a Friends of Science membership.

Non-members could view the events for a $15 per-event fee for an unlimited number of plays.
The full presentations including the question and answer sessions were published on YouTube; Donna's video on May 26, Roy's video on May 31.

Climate activism: Undermining free speech, free thought & free choice: by Donna Laframbroise

There’s a climate problem, all right. A climate of intolerance, where dissent is not permitted. Climate activists insist their point-of view is the only one that is acceptable, the only one that is respectable, and the only one that deserves to be heard.

See the presentation slides HERE.


The Most Important Reasons Why There is No Climate Emergency: by Dr. Roy Spencer

The current claims of a “climate emergency�? are shown to be gross exaggerations. Recent warming of the climate system has been modest and benign, and at the low end of the warming predicted by the computerized climate model projections used to guide changes in national energy policy. Climate model projections of human-caused climate change are based upon the assumption that climate does not change naturally, and so represent an example of circular reasoning. From sea level rise to wildfires to severe weather, there has been little to no change observed which is outside the realm of natural variation. Thus, the “climate emergency�? claims are not based upon science.

See the presentation slides HERE.