Friends Of Science Eighth Annual Luncheon, With Dr. Ian Plimer

The FoS 8th annual luncheon was on May 16, 2011, featuring Dr. Ian Plimer, at the Metropolitan Conference Centre, Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Ian Plimer is a Professor of Geology, University of Adelaide, Australia.   He is the author of around 60 academic papers and six books.

His book, "Heaven and Earth Global Warming: The Missing Science" (2009) played a major role in defeating Cap and Trade legislation in Australia.

The title of his talk was "Human Induced Global Warming: Why I am Skeptical."

 See the presentation here (PDF format).

A summary of climate and Kyoto facts was distributed at the luncheon. See here.

Listen to a 16 minute interview with Dr. Plimer on the "Rutherford Show" on QR77 radio.    

The luncheon notice is here.

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