FoS Presentation to House of Commons

On Feb 10, 2005, Charles Simpson, then-President of Friends of Science, and Dr. Tim Patterson, a paleoclimatologist with Carleton University, appeared as expert witnesses before the House of commons Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development. This committee provides recommendations to the Minister of the Environment and the federal government. Our witnesses testified that Kyoto should not be implemented until a national public scientific  debate has been held on the science underlying climate change, and that the current scientific evidence points to climate change being naturally caused as opposed to the cause being that of human activity. The other parties present did not present any science opposing our presentation, nor did they present any science at all.

We believe that this was the first time that any science-based organization had been allowed to speak to a federal government committee concerning the flaws in the science underlying the Kyoto Accord  and the subsequent need to delay or abandon  its implementation in Canada . To view the full transcript, please click here.

Unfortunately, extreme bias prevailed once again and the Friends of Science presentation was excised from the committees final report to the Environment Minister, who also failed to respond to our letter of complaint.

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