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This FREE virtual live-stream event was presented in two parts. Each part consisted of a live introduction by host, Michelle Stirling of Friends of Science Society, followed by a playback of the pre-recorded video of our speaker presentation, and then the viewing audience joined in the live question and answer session moderated by our host.

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Dr. Ian Plimer, May 2, 2022 at 6 P.M. MDT

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Title: Climate change: The past is the key to the present

Bio: Emeritus Professor Ian Plimer has held chairs at Adelaide, Melbourne, Munich and Newcastle universities. He worked in the exploration industry for North Broken Hill and Niugini Mining and was on the staff of Macquarie, New South Wales and New England universities. He has published 140 scientific papers, 12 books and 1 encyclopedia, has won numerous national and international awards for science and is currently a director of Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd mining, energy, exploration, agricultural and technology companies. His latest book is Green Murder - A life sentence of net zero with no parole

Synopsis: It has never been shown that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive global warming. The past shows that six of the six great ice ages was initiated when atmospheric carbon dioxide was higher than at present. For more than 80% of time, sea level has been higher and it has been wetter and warmer than now. The Great Barrier Reef and Pacific island atoll nations are healthy and part of a dynamic Earth. Past climate changes have not been driven by atmospheric carbon dioxide and have been driven by tectonic, galactic, orbital, solar, oceanic and lunar cycles. Sporadic events such as volcanoes have changed climate. Measured modern changes are within variability, climate models of future events have failed, treatment of carbon dioxide and temperature measurements leave a lot to be desired, the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide are yet to be understood and we ignore the past at our peril. The modern climate catastrophism  is unrelated to science. 


Joanne Nova, May 9, 2022 at 7 P.M. MDT

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Title:  How to destroy a perfectly good electricity grid in one million expensive steps

Bio: Jo Nova: Award winning science blogger from Australia with over half a million readers a year. Author of the Skeptics Handbook with over 200,000 copies distributed in 15 languages. She has delivered speeches in New York, Washington, Munich, Oslo and hosted a children's science series for national TV and was formerly associate lecturer in Science Communication at ANU.

Synopsis: Despite having more coal and uranium per person than almost anywhere on Earth, Australia has still managed to make some of the most expensive electricity on the planet. Mostly thanks to a pagan quest to control the weather. Find out what it takes to achieve state-wide blackouts, and a tripling of wholesale electricity prices in just five years. Laugh til you cry at the folly of a nation that controls just 1.5% of human emissions yet is trying to change the global weather by sacrificing a commodity which also happens to be its largest export earner. The free market in Australia has been so distorted that national assets that took two generations to pay off are being closed even while they produce the lowest cost electricity available. And the crowds applaud! Here in Subsidy-World, coal plant owners profit more by shutting them down than by running them, so much so, when offered millions to sell the assets, the owners prefer to destroy them instead.



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