Friends of Science Twentieth Annual Event, With Dr. Ian Clark and Robert Lyman

FoS event 2023 Clark & Lyman

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Our speakers;

Dr. Ian Clark

Ian Clark is Professor Emeritus at the University of Ottawa, where he began his research and teaching over 30 years ago. His research has focused on a range of environmental issues from paleogroundwater and paleoclimates to contaminant migration and carbon cycling.  He remains active in research on aquitards as barriers to contaminant transport from nuclear waste repositories and unconventional energy development.

Synopsis:  A Reality Check on Climate and Net Zero.

When he began teaching about the ice ages at the start of his career, Ian Clark stressed the link between rising CO2 and 20th century climate warming. However, closer examination of the subject and new science convinced him that climate was far more complex with other more important factors. Despite the considerable number of scientists who share the view that CO2 is NOT causing dangerous climate change, western democracies are on a road to become carbon neutral,  Net Zero, by 2050.  His talk will review what we know and do not know about climate and assess the potential to achieve net zero with hydro, wind, solar and the most controversial source of reliable power, nuclear.

Ian's slide presentation is here.

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Robert Lyman

Robert Lyman is an economist with 35 years’ experience as an analyst, policy advisor and senior manager in the Canadian federal government. He began his career as a member of Canada’s foreign service, and had postings in Caracas, Venezuela and Washington, D.C. From 1985 to 2006, he managed organizations that were engaged in energy and climate change policy development and program delivery. He also has eleven years’ experience as a private consultant conducting policy research and analysis on energy and transportation issues as a principal for ENTRANS Policy Research Group. For the last seven years, he has been a frequent contributor to the publications of the Friends of Science. He contributes occasional articles to the Financial Post Comment page and essays to the United Kingdom-based Global Warming Policy Forum. He has testified before House of Commons Committees on energy and trade issues. He resides in Ottawa, Canada.

Synopsis: When Will Climate Policy Hit the Wall?

Six years ago, in 2017, Robert Lyman spoke to the Friends of Science annual conference about whether Canada can survive climate policy. Since then, the number and cost of government measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has increased, while the inability of governments to manage the transformation of the economy has become ever more evident. This year, he returns with an assessment of why seeking to completely decarbonize Canada by 2050 will face insurmountable technical, economic and political barriers.

Robert's slide presentation is here. His commentary is here.

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