Climate Change Science Essay

by Ken Gregory
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The Science In Summary

The Greenhouse Effect

  CO2 Versus Water's Contribution

Climate Is Always Changing

  Temperature Over Geological Time

  Northern Hemisphere Temperature History

  Temperature History from North Atlantic Ocean Sediments

  1000 year Temperature History IPCC 1990

Temperature Leads CO2 Changes

  Vostok Ice Core Data over End of Third Ice Age BP
  CO2 and Argon (Temperature) Age Scales are Shifted 800 years

Sun Activity Correlates With Temperature

  Sunspot Cycle Length Temperature and CO2

  Northern Hemisphere Temperature vs Solar Irradiance 400 years

  Lake Victoria Water Level and Sunspot Number

Cosmic Ray Flux and Tropical Temperature Variation Over the Phanerozoic 520 million years

Sun And Cosmic Rays

  Cosmic Rays and Low Clouds

  Cosmic Ray Flux Since 1700

  Open Solar Flux

  Antarctica and North America Temperature Trends

  Cosmic Ray Flux and Temperature Changes with Galactic Arm Crossings

  CO2 Concentrations 500 million Years

Milankovitch Cycles

Heating Of The Troposphere

  Computer Model Predicted Temperature Change

  HadAT2 Radiosonde Data 1979 - 1999

Stratospheric Cooling

CO2 Versus The Sun Warming Theories

IPCC And Model Projections

  Global Mean Surface Temperature Change degrees Celsius

Computer Models Fail

  Computer Model Temperature Trends versus Observations

Water Vapour Feedback

Cloud Feedback


  Sun Blocking Aerosols

Climate Sensitivity

  Climate Sensitivity Estimates

Ocean Oscillations

  El Niño - Southern Oscillation

  The Pacific Decadal Oscillation

  Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation

The IPCC Hockey Stick

Urban Heat Island Effects

  Surface Temperature Trends in 47 California Counties

  Temperature Trends of Major City Sites and Rural Sites

Bias of IPCC Temperature Data

Falsified Historical CO2 Measurements

  Actual Siple, Antarctica Ice Core and Mauna Loa Data

  Shifted Siple, Antarctica Ice Core and Mauna Loa Data

  CO2 Measurements between 1800 and 1955

No Consensus

Effects Of Warming

  Sea Level Rise

  Sea Level Data

  Satellite altimetry of TOPEX/POSEIDON

  Satellite Altimetry Data of TOPEX/POSEIDON Tilted Back to Original Level

  Antarctica Temperatures 1979-2021 MSU Data Set (Latitude -85 to -65)

  Severe Weather

  Warming Is Good For Your Health

  Agriculture And Climate Change

  Warming Effects On Animals

CO2 Increases Plant And Forest Growth

  Bigtooth Aspen Growth Response to Enhanced CO2 and Temperature

  Young Eldarica Pine Tree Growth Response to CO2

  Wheat Yield Response to CO2

Kyoto Protocol - Misallocation Of Funds

Warming On Other Planets

  Neptune Warming

  Mars Warming

  Pluto Warming

An Inconvenient Truth

Warnings Of Global Cooling

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