FoS Extracts - 2022 Table of Contents



Can the New UK Prime Minister Survive the Winter?
Russian Gas Flow Too Low to Fill Europe's Storage?
Declaring a National Climate Emergency
Ireland to Target Farmers with CO2 Emissions Cuts of 28%
What the Future Holds for Our Climate Leaders
Europe's Green Experiment: A Costly Failure in Unilateral Climate Policy




Trudeau's Nitrogen Policy Will Decimate Canadian Farming
Dutch Farmers’ Protests Against Emissions Cuts Spread Across EU
Be Proud that We Excel
Green Dogma behind the Fall of Sri Lanka
Energy Crisis Threatens Civil Unrest in Europe
Europe’s Rush to Buy Africa’s Natural Gas Draws Cries of Hypocrisy
Federalism Is the Key to Demonstrating the Disaster of Green Central Planning




Germany to Fire Up Coal plants as Russia Curtails Gas
EU Parliament Declares Gas & Nuclear Power as "Green"
US Supreme Court Curbs EPA Authority to Regulate Emissions
Two Scientists Tell Court that Social Cost of Carbon Regulation “Scientifically Invalid”
Net-Zero — The Impossible Scheme
Green Elites’ Contempt for the Working Class
Dutch Farmers and Fishermen Protest Job-killing Climate Policies




Memo to the Bank of Canada: Your Target Is Inflation, Not Carbon
Drink Not to the Birth of Climate Panic
Supreme Court Hands Biden Admin Win Over Social Cost of Carbon
Biden’s Climate Czar Urges Big Tech to Censor Climate Debate
EU Parliament’s CBAM Spat Could Delay a Carbon Border Tax by Years
The Revenge of the Fossil Fuels
Continued Use of Combustion Vehicles Leads to Lower Lifetime Emissions than Driving EVs
Why Wind and Solar Will Never Meet the World's Energy Needs




Climate Skeptic HSBC Banker Suspended for Honesty
Bjørn Lomborg: UN Disaster Report Is a Reporting Disaster
A "Plan B" for Addressing Climate Change and the Energy Transition
Vaclav Smil: Antidote to Magical Thinking
Parker Gallant: Why do we subsidize Michigan while its governor tries to shut down Line 5?
Wind Power’s ‘Colossal Market Failure’ Threatens Climate Fight
Time Is Wrong – Climate Change Will Not Make Us Hungry




Oil Is Here for the Long Haul
Terence Corcoran: Which Energy Assets Will Be Stranded?
IPCC Scientists: Climate Change Doom is Doomier than People Realize
China Ignores Climate Pledges, Tops List in Building New Coal Plants
Low-cost Power Pledge Is Blown Away by Wily UK Wind Farmers
Metal Supplies Needed to Meet EU's Climate Neutrality Goal
Little Climate Foot Soldiers
Matthew Lau: Reading, Writing, ‘Rithmetic … and Environmental Racism



Friends of Science 19th Annual Event with Dr. Ian Plimer and Joanne Nova
China Continues to Laugh at Western "Green Energy" Foolishness
Killing Eagles is Fine, Just Get Your Permit First
Fossil Fuels vs Renewable Energy
"Green" Dreams and Agriculture
Sweden’s Arctic Paradox: "Green Industry Wants to Take Our Land"
Why Don't the Media ever Ask Why Previous IPCC Predictions Have Been So Wrong?
Why Renewables Can’t Solve Europe's Energy Crisis




Ross McKitrick: The 2030 Emissions Plan: Canada’s Gift to Putin
Net-Zero and ESG Are Worsening the Energy Crisis – and Weakening the West
Putin's War Shakes Europe's Climate Agenda
Biden’s Commitment for US LNG to Supply Europe Faces Strong Headwinds
Biden to Use Wartime Powers to Produce Minerals Needed For Green Energy
Aussie Noise Nuisance Court Defeat Is Panicking Renewable Energy Investors
UN Secretary General Lashes Out at “Climate Holdout” Australia
MSM Scares Themselves, Confuse ‘Unprecedented’ Weather Model Temperature Spikes with Actual Temperatures




Michael Shellenberger: The West’s Green Delusions Empowered Putin
Biden Administration Deals Blow to Gas Pipelines
EU Climate Chief: Temporarily Burning Coal In Line with EU's Climate Goals
Roger Pielke Jr.:  The IPCC Goes All-in with Implausible Scenarios and Political Exhortation
Global Energy-related CO2 Emissions Grew to Record High of 36.3 Gt in 2021 Laid Low by Budget Crunch
Green Civil War: Renewable Energy vs Wilderness Preservation    
The Largest Lithium-Ion Battery in the World Keeps Melting




Court Ruling on Social Cost of Carbon Deals Blow to Biden’s Climate Efforts
Greens Fear Boris Johnson's Downfall
New German Leader Proposes "Climate Club" to Punish Free Riders Like Australia
Germany Clearing "Undisturbed" 1,000-Year-Old Forest for Wind Park
Bjørn Lomborg: Electric Cars Won't Save the Planet
Why Global Warming Is Good for Us
Fact Checkers Defend Activist Scientists Because They Agree with Them, Not Because They're Right
Paid Press Releases Now Officially the News



How Norway Affords Its Massive EV Subsidies
Build Back Cheaper: US Fossil Fuel Production to Hit Record Highs in 2023
Global Warming Saved 500,000 Lives in England and Wales in the Last 20 Years
The 1970s Cooling Scare Was Real
The Backlash Against Wind and Solar in the US
Henry Geraedts: What really happened in Glasgow
World Risks More Years of High Energy Prices and Emissions: IEA
Half of Remaining UK Energy Firms "About to go bust"



Germany Will likely ‘miss its 2022 and 2023 climate targets’, Vice-Chancellor Says
Bloomberg Finally Admits Renewables Mania Caused Europe’s Energy Crisis
The Economist: It's Not Cheap Being Green
The Cost of Net-Zero Electrification of the US
As Coal Use Surges, America Finds It's hard to Unplug from Carbon
Google "Demonetizes" Another Climate Skeptic Website
Cambridge University is Explicitly Pushing for Political Authoritarianism in the Name of Climate Change



It's All Over for Biden's Climate Agenda
Countries' Climate Pledges Based on Flawed Data
US Shale Gas to Rescue of Fuel-Starved Europe
Tesla: Nothing Says Customer Satisfaction Like 30 kg of Dynamite
EU Energy Crisis Deepens as France and Germany ‘make a mockery' of Green Transition Plan
Despite Energy Crisis Germany Closes Three Nukes
Net Zero 2050: Rhetoric and Realities
Daniel Yergin: Why the Energy Transition Will Be So Complicated


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