Friends Of Science Sixteenth Annual Event, With Dr. Susan Crockford And Dr. Willie Soon

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A Friends of Science Special Event

                    "Polar Bears and Solar Flares"

            April 10th, 2019,   6 - 9 pm


Featuring polar researcher Dr. Susan Crockford and Climate Scientist & Astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon.

Dr. Susan Crockford


  Too Hot to Handle

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Dr. Susan Crockford discussed the finding published in her new book The Polar Bear Catastrophe that Never Happened  which was available for purchase at the event as well as her novel "EATEN" and a polar bear science book for kids "Polar Bear Facts & Myths". Dr. Crockford spoke about how a thriving species like the polar bear came to be classified as threatened ' with extinction based on untested computer models. This is the story of what happened when Dr. Crockford challenged that determination and showed that the models had failed: sea ice declined abruptly but polar bear numbers did not.

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Dr.Willie Soon      

  The Sun Also Warms

    View the slide show presentation (PDF file)

Solar activity cycles have long been suspected to have direct effects on Canada 's climate. In this talk, Dr. Soon probed the long history in the quest to understand Sun-climate connections. Specifically he will present the rather surprising new evidence on how the Sun effects climate in Canada. Solar impacts are many and can cause significant changes in climate. Using a rural temperature data set, he shows strong correlations between the Sun's irradiance and temperatures.

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Polar bears and solar flares

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