Friends Of Science Tenth Annual Luncheon, With Dr. Benny Peiser

The FoS 10th annual luncheon was on May 14, 2013, featuring Dr. Benny Peiser, at the Metropolitan Conference Centre, Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Benny Peiser is the founder and editor of the world's leading climate policy network and one of Europe 's most influential climate policy analysts.

Dr. Peiser is the Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, UK:

The title of Dr. Peiser's talk was "To Heat or Eat: Europe's Climate Policy Fiasco"

Dr. Peiser told how Europe 's policies to promote inefficient wind and solar power, and impose carbon taxes and emissions trading have caused soaring energy prices, economic decline and plunged millions of families into fuel poverty.  

See the presentation here, (PDF format).

 Listen to an interview with Dr. Peiser on the Rutherford Show AM630 CHED.

Dr. Benny Peiser published an article "The EU Green Hell" in the Financial Post May 13, 2013 here.

Calgary Herald columnist Licia Corbella writes   "Corbella: To eat or heat? That 's the EU 's question" here.

Our press release on the luncheon says, "Citing Europe 's green obsession ' and inflexible, failed climate policies as key reasons why so many EU economies are faltering on the brink of bankruptcy, Dr. Benny Peiser shocked his audience with images of EU forests ravaged by energy-poor citizens in search of fuel. Friends of Science say climate change and global warming policies should be based on scientific evidence, not apocalyptic computer modeled forecasts."   See here.

The luncheon notice is here.

Dr. Benny Peiser

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